PROTECH GROUP was established to facilitate the work of executives directors and business managers in various business fields such as, industry, trading and service areas, including non-profit organizations (NGO) and government institutions through providing the best IT solutions in the field of applied software, intelligent management solutions, local networks, telecommunications and Internet services, and provide this solutions , systems and infrastructure to meet the latest technologies in the most advanced work field in the world.
Protech Group has established several companies to meet the needs of the market in several areas:


Satellite Communication Services


PROTECH GROUP offers satellite interconnection service by (VSAT) system through a network that uses different techniques to communicate with the satellites to transmit data and connect to the Internet fast and reliable manner.

You can use the satellite to reach any destination with clear and pure connection where VSAT service provides unrestricted and unlimited connection, and overcome all the limitations that you may encounter in remote areas.


VSAT service provides a huge potential for the expansion of speed in line with the business environment. As a result of the flexibility of the service, you can assembly the station rapidly to support the expansion of the network to any site, regardless of how far away your site. In addition, our technical support staff has considerable experience in the VSAT service.


by supporting your business with satellite interconnection service VSAT, you can get an Enterprise Wide Networking with high reliability and the possibility of good access to the information extends to distant regions, which will give you more flexibility and the ability to access connectivity solutions, ensure that you will always be in touch with where they are and at any region where fixed or Mobile communications services are not available.

In addition, the technical support team available 24/7.

Wireless Broadband Connection


Protech Group helps organizations and companies by providing a range of low-cost services. Businesses under current circumstances requires reliable and scalable connectivity to achieve business objectives.


The solutions offered by our group can benefit the specialized companies in the following areas:

  • Service Providers.
  • Government departments.
  • Projects.
  • cellphone company.

Fiber Optic Transmission Equipment


Protech Group offers a wide range of fiber optic products, including:

  • Main DWDM technology systems.
  • Management of fiber optic networks.
  • WDM Metro Systems.
  • SDH-NGN multi-service.


Who can benefit from these services:

  • Service Providers.
  • Governmental institutions
  • Educational authorities.
  • Oil & Gas Companies.
  • financial institutions.
  • Health institutions.

Alternative Power Solutions


Renewable energy and sustainable is a priority for the global energy markets, and an important engine for the growth of all economic, industrial and service sectors in the world, our company is seeking to develop a strategy and plans for this important part of the energy to create a better future for generations of sustainable energy solutions.

Operations Center Management Services


The Operations Centers Management provides infrastructure, networks, databases and management to provide systems, software, hardware and communication services to companies. The Department also applies the best techniques available in the labor market to meet requirements of client business through global methodologies and frameworks to achieve the desired objectives, In a high level of efficiency and impact. In addition, we provide our customers with partial and complete hosting services in advanced countries, and provide all our customers the technical support services they need to ensure the continuity of the network and technical infrastructure Information.


Operations Center services benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of potential threats to the lowest level.
  • A team of experts in information technology.
  • 24 x 7 protection

Software Solutions and Mobile Applications


Our company offers a variety of specialized mobile applications for corporate solutions and general services. We can develop any kind of applications for Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad. In addition, we have developed a variety of software solutions to automate the business of both private and public sectors. We focus on developing business environment and data collection to simplify business process optimization and provide information to decision makers in a simple way that enables them to manage their daily and strategic business Easily and scientifically.

Facilities Management and Smart Building Solutions


In the last decades, Building Intelligence (BI) has become a widespread concept applied in different types of buildings of diverse scales. Whether a building is intelligent in terms of its performance, services, systems or all of the three aspects combined, the aim of BI is to enhance the comfort and safety of the occupants, and at the same time enable them to acquire a high level of control over the various parameters that can determine how healthy the environment inside a building is. Consequently, BI not only enhances the productivity and the wellbeing of the users (building occupiers), but also helps to achieve resource efficiency, cost effectiveness, flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, BI is recently being intertwined with sustainability concepts (incorporating green buildings in the context) as means to achieve energy conservation requirements of today due to ambitious targets set by many countries around the world.

Due to the rapid progress in network technology and the information system (as part of the ICT), the ways of living and working have been directly and indirectly affected. Traditional residential buildings (i.e. our homes) are no longer capable to satisfactorily accommodate the impact caused by the developing technology. Thus, the scope of Intelligent Buildings (IBs) has gradually extended from office building automation to residential building automation, and created something called ‘smart or ‘intelligent’ homes these days. Smart Buildings (SBs) are dynamic buildings and can provide new capabilities to meet organizational or residential needs which are part of learning new things. Existing buildings can also be SBs with integration, i.e. integration of systems, services and technology, to serve their users and to operate, maintain and manage the buildings. Integration can similarly be used to enhance safety and security. Importantly, cost can be a challenge as a smart building often means investing upfront money for life-cycle savings, however, by spending upfront it is possible to lower life-cycle costs dramatically in the long term which is also sustainable.


This will be done by using several techniques including:

  • Communications: telephone, Internet and video use.
  • Security: surveillance via surveillance cameras.
  • Energy saving and resource control.
  • Management and use of parking lots.
  • 24 hours’ control.
  • Operation and management of facilities.
  • Billing services for modern and updated facilities.

Monitoring and Control Systems


To meet the growing demand for security services, Protech Group provides Internet-related surveillance systems, including:

  • Security surveillance cameras: The surveillance cameras must be on duty around the clock and during low or high illumination and provide high-resolution images.
  • Digital Video Recorders: The group offers a wide range of digital video recorders with 4 to 16 audio and video inputs for different applications.

Alarm and Monitoring Systems


Protech Group specializes in burglar alarm systems and internal and external intrusion on walls with infrared sensors or micro sensors which connected to central and control management panels.

We also study and supply fire alarm systems that are subject to the highest standards of inspection and European quality certificates.

In addition to alarm systems and environment monitoring such as humidity sensors, heat, water leakage, fuel level and others.

All of these systems can be linked to a central monitoring system to provide 24/7 surveillance service.

Internet Services Solutions for Governments, Businesses and Residential Premises


Protech Group meets the diverse needs of individuals, business organizations and establishments through its Internet service provider "PRONET "the latest Internet service provider in Syria, offering a range of integrated technology and solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses and customers. Which range from small to large-scale applications. It also supports a range of copper and fiber-optic technologies as well as full support for Internet, data transmission, hosting and IPTV services.


In addition to some IP uses including:

  • Group communication using the Internet Protocol.
  • Voice messaging applications.
  • Communication management.
  • Integrated communications center.
  • IP telephony devices.

Data Center Services According to the International Standards


We put our expertise in the service of our clients. The establishment of a data center according to the international standards is one of the main requirements for companies that provide non-stop services 24/7.
We offer these services in cooperation with the renowned Belarusian AVI Prom export company in this field.

IPTV Service


Satellite TV services are an old technology. We are the first in Syria to provide this service by providing an enjoyable and suitable television viewing for the various age groups over the Internet, which offers the participant a great experience in choosing the programs he wishes to follow. The subscriber will find a huge library of thousands of films and series, foreign and Arabic to enjoy and get rid of advertising breaks, you can also enjoy a selection of the most beautiful channels of sports broadcast and follow the most important international patrols in football.



PROTV® subscribers enjoy more than 150 TV channels including OSN, BeIN Sports, MYHD encoded channels, as well as many unencrypted channels that can be viewed via standard receivers, in addition to access to the VOD library, which allows the subscriber to watch many international HD movies and series as well as the Syrian and Arabic series and movies available exclusively on PROTV® Library through several agreements with Syrian and Arab production companies.