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Specialized companies in space communication techniques and protection systems within the Damascus International Fair

Many of the telecommunications companies participating in the Damascus International Fair in its 59th session were characterized by technological services, satellite communication technologies, security systems and software. In a statement to the year confirmed the director of the Protech Group, Said the exhibition was an opportunity to showcase the range of services offered by the Internet provider Pronet and the after sales service, the group also has Prosat for Satellite Communication Technologies, which was one of the solutions that facilitated the work of banks, factories, companies and the commercial sector in the governorates where the infrastructure was damaged by events in Syria.
The technical director of the group Ibrahim Smadi said that the group provides software services and information systems for universities such as student affairs, examinations and management, stressing the importance of participating in the exhibition because it constitutes an important economic breakthrough and a message to the world that Syria is okay and has begun reconstruction.
Smadi pointed to the smart city service provided by the company in addition to the smart home service where the sensors and systems are placed control lighting and electricity and cameras surveillance homes can be connected to the application on the mobile.

Signing a memorandum of understanding between Basmet Shabab Souria And Protech group

Signing a memorandum of understanding between Basmet Shabab Souria Foundation And Protech Communications Services and Technologies.

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A cooperation agreement between the Basmat Shabab Souria Foundation and Protech Company

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Basmet Shabab Souria and the Professional Communications Services and Technologies Company (PROTECH) was held on Wednesday 18/10/2017. Within the recruitment project which is one of the projects of the program Ghadi with the Syrian Labor Market Observatory Syrian Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Industry of Damascus and its countryside in addition to a circular issued by the Ministry of Tourism for all tourist facilities.
Head of the Secretaries of Basmet Shabab Souria, Mr. Anas Mohammed Yunes, told Dam press: We are very happy today to obtain a patent for the recruitment project, which is one of the projects of the institution, which was officially launched in the date of 2017/1/10 The goal was to find a real workshop between the registered job seeker and the leading companies and employment, in view of the current crisis in our country, many people have lost their jobs. Therefore, a large number of experts and Syrian elites have been forced to change their place of residence and residence, which has caused them great difficulties in finding suitable work for them.
Also, most of the major companies and factories suffered during the crisis years from a lack of appropriate scientific expertise and competencies, so it was a recruitment project aimed at helping them communicate among themselves.
Nizar Abdel Baqi, recruitment project manager and member of the Board of Directors of Basmet Shabab Souria told Dam press: Since the start of the first 9 months we have been following up daily and we are trying to build new partners so we can benefit from the project because it benefits the private sector in general and also benefits the people who are looking for work in particular.

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Signing of a contract by Protech group for a recruitment project that provides 843 job opportunities

Basmet Shabab souria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PROTECH, sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, which has signed a similar agreement with Al-Bassama to activate a "recruitment project".
Minister Rima Al-Qadri pointed out that the agreement is the first of its kind to realize the vision of moving the labor market and absorbing the largest number of job seekers to support the private sector, especially after the production wheel has returned to many facilities and meet the requirements.
For his part, Anas Younis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Basmet Shabab souria between the project "recruitment" was able to employ 843 applicants and enable many of the people who visited the site to know the correct way to write a biography and highlight their qualifications.
With emphasis on the need to propose free training courses with the Foundation's partners in the training sector.
The project is currently working on a larger campaign to reach 10,000 registered individuals and 500 companies, factories and national laboratories in the coming year. This year, the project has reached 5 thousand registered and 200 partnerships.
Dr. Tarek Rifai, Executive Director of PROTECH, expressed optimism about the agreement to support the Syrian society, especially the youth, families of the martyrs, the wounded and the volunteers, to create an incubator environment for responsible young people to support projects. In conjunction with the readiness to support several projects "Employment Project" portal through the rehabilitation of service centers belonging to Basmet Shabab souria, which exceeded the / 70 / center in all provinces where will be securing employment opportunities in addition to provide training to reach the stage of tender.

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The first TV service in the region, Protech is licensed to launch IPTV and launch its services on 01/12/2017

Professional Communications Services & Technologies PROTECH owner of ISP PRONET license for the provision of regular television channels and encrypted through the domestic Internet service ADSL the license was signed by the Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Dr. Abba Aweishek and General Manager of PROTECH Group MR. komi Hilal , Mr. Hilal explained that this license will allow Protech to start broadcasting regular and encrypted TV channels such as sports channels for all domestic internet subscribers in Syria via ADSL, The service will be launched immediately for a trial period, with the official launch date announced at the beginning of next December 2017.
Mr. Komi Hilal said that subscription rates will be accessible to everyone. Everyone has the right to enjoy watching games and television programs at a reasonable cost.
The company is interested in providing the service through Internet service providers and all subscribers, which constitute a real added value and an enjoyable experience for the subscriber to watch all the television channels that he wants to follow.
Mr. Khalil Baza, the project manager, explained that there are many excellent services that will be launched in succession after the actual launch of this service in early December.