PROSAT offers satellite interconnection service by (VSAT) system through a network that uses different techniques to communicate with the satellites to transmit data and connect to the Internet fast and reliable manner.


You can use the satellite to reach any destination with clear and pure connection where VSAT service provides unrestricted and unlimited connection, and overcome all the limitations that you may encounter in remote areas.
VSAT service provides a huge potential for the expansion of speed in line with the business environment.



This system is used to deliver Interconnection VSAT service where available at different speeds begin with 32, 64 and 128 kilobits per second and up to 20 megabits or more.
VSAT also used in the direct delivery of cable TV and external transport services and transfer Video Conference and Remote E-learning, as well as in networking and Internet connecting service to all sites of different nature.

Satellite Interconnection VSAT