PROSYS is an specialized company in providing the best solutions and services to clients in the field of surveillance, security and alarm system. We supply surveillance systems and equipment for small, medium and large companies, as well as the local government entities.


At PROSYS, we study and evaluate the needs of your institution, to make sure you have suitable systems that meet your needs and go along with your business to provide the best results with the best technologies for suitable costs.
We are not just a supplier, we take into consideration every client needs, having the long business relationship as our goal.



We specialize in theft and intrusion alarm systems (indoor – outdoors) with infrared sensors or micro sensors linked to central control management boards.
We also study and supply fire alarm systems subject to the highest inspection standards and European quality certificates.
In addition to environment alarm and monitoring systems such as humidity sensors, temperature, water leakage, fuel level and others, all these systems can be linked to a central monitoring station.

Alarm and Monitoring Systems